5 Best Dispensaries In Vermont

Looking for the best dispensary in Vermont? While cannabis has not been fully legal for as many years in VT as in some surrounding states, we’re home to some of the finest when it comes to weed. Vermont dispensaries can be found dotting the map, from Brattleboro all the way to Newport. Take a look at the best dispensaries in Vermont in 2024 below.

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The Best Vermont Dispensaries in 2024

1. Cannabis Maximus in Brattleboro, VT

Cannabis Maximus in Brattleboro is just a few minutes from the New Hampshire border and Route 91 in Massachusetts. You can find one of the best collections of premium cannabis on the way to many of the top ski destinations in the Green Mountain State. Our recreational cannabis shop is considered the best dispensary in Vermont if you are looking for a budget-friendly place (daily discounts!) with one of the best cannabis selections.

One Stop for a Divine Cannabis Journey

The Cannabis Maximus menu is a hand-picked collection of the most prized cannabis flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, and concentrates in the state. We take pride in crafting one of the finest menus in Vermont by partnering with only the top cultivators and processors. You’ll see brands on the menu that have gained ultimate respect, including our own craft strains like Gorilla Butter, Sunset Fritter, and MAC 1.

Knowledgeable Cannabis Guidance

The best dispensary in Vermont offers staff that takes the time to connect customers to the right cannabis products. At Cannabis Maximus, we welcome every type of customer, from the novice who has never purchased cannabis at all to the connoisseur who knows precisely what they want. We enjoy connecting with our customers through cannabis and being the guide when advice is needed. All questions are welcome! We’ll tell you how to light a pre-roll, explain terpenes, and point you to the best local products.

The interior of Cannabis Maximus, an adult-use recreational dispensary located in Brattleboro, VT.

2. The Dank Closet Dispensary in Barton, VT

The Dank Closet Cannabis Co. in Barton is a combination recreational dispensary and cannabis cultivator known for premium cannabis. This dispensary specializes in hand-tended, hydroponic-grown cannabis flower in strains like Hella Jelly and Sage Kush. 

The Dank Closer also offers an impressive menu with many of the top concentrates, edibles, and other cannabis products. Additionally, customers say a visit to this small dispensary feels a lot like visiting a cool friend who just happens to know a lot about good weed.

3. Magic Mann Cannabis Dispensary in Essex Junction, VT

If you’re looking for a friendly place where prime cannabis is easy to find, Magic Mann Cannabis Dispensary in Essex Junction, VT, is a good stopping place. Magic Mann is woman-owned and founded and focuses on supporting sustainability and diversity in the cannabis business. The menu is always full of the best cannabis brands in the state, and the team is said to be one of the best in Northwest Vermont when it comes to friendly education.

4. Sunday Drive Dispensary in Woodstock, VT

With a laid-back atmosphere, high-quality cannabis, and good prices, Sunday Drive in Woodstock is one of the best Vermont dispensaries in the eastern part of the state. Sunday Drive prides itself on versatile selections and an inviting atmosphere for every type of cannabis shopper. 

Customers say the store is a great place to go if you have questions or have a certain strain or product in mind, because the staff is always eager to help you have a good experience.

5. Somewhere on the Mountain in Rutland, VT

If you’re in Western VT or just across the line in New York State, Somewhere on the Mountain in Rutland, VT is one of the best Vermont recreational dispensaries to visit. Somewhere on the Mountain offers high-quality cannabis products from local growers and processors. Customers say the dispensary is one of the best when it comes to fair prices and friendly service, but the shop is also recognized for its impressive selection.

Visit the Best Dispensary in Southern Vermont: Cannabis Maximus

We’re proud to hold our place as the best dispensary in the southern part of the state at Cannabis Maximus. If you’re looking for a dispensary where the plant of the gods is celebrated every day, be sure to plan a visit or check out our menu.

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