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Subterra Cannabis

Subterra is a cannabis farming operation that grows its crops exclusively underground. This practice allows the growers at Subterra to control every aspect of the plant’s lifecycle, including light cycles, nutrients, pesticides, and more. Subterra takes its practices very seriously, as evidenced by the fact that the certificates of analysis (COAs) are front and center on the company’s website.


Product Line

Subterra only grows a handful of strains, including:

  • Lemon Royale
  • Cherry Crescendo
  • Lemon Maraschino

You can get these strains as buds or pre-rolls, depending on where you shop. Lemon Royale is the number one seller, followed closely by Cherry Crescendo. The company doesn’t make any other products, although it’s possible that it will introduce more strains in the future.

How Strong are Subterra Strains?

Subterra cannabis strains are relatively strong, having around a 26+ percent concentration of THC from all sources. Based on the COAs listed on the website, these strains contain a mild amount of CBD, but a decent mixture of other types of THC, such as Delta 9 and THC-A.

Overall, we would recommend Subterra strains for experienced users. While newbies can get a good high from these plants, the experience may be a little too intense. If you are new to cannabis, we suggest smoking a small amount at a time until you’re used to the feeling.

Subterra Review

There aren’t many reviews out there for Subterra products, but it seems that the underground growing operation works in the company’s favor. Users report strong, pleasant aromas and tastes from the brand’s Lemon Royale strain. Because this particular strain is Sativa-dominant, it offers an energizing yet relaxing head high.

It’s clear that the company values high-quality weed and is willing to submit it to third-party testing to illustrate the brand’s commitment to excellence. One can imagine that if Subterra starts breeding and cultivating new strains, they would be as good or better than the current offerings.

Come See Us!

Where to Buy Subterra Cannabis in Vermont

Because Subterra Cannabis is a relatively small company, it can be hard to find. While other farming operations sell crops to many dispensaries, Subterra is much more selective about which store gets each new batch. In some cases, the strain may be listed on a dispensary’s website, but it may actually be out of stock.

Buy Subterra From Cannabis Maximus in Brattleboro, Vermont

Cannabis Maximus works closely with Subterra to ensure we have the brand’s strains in stock as much as possible. However, in case they do run out, we have a wide selection of other top-tier weed to help you feel your best. Whether you’re looking for buds, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, or vape carts, we have it all. Come on down to our dispensary in Brattleboro and see the difference for yourself.


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