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Taunik is a line of CBD and THC infused elixirs that offer a fantastic alternative to alcohol, allowing you to enjoy fantastically flavored liquid cannabis. Available in both CBD and THC varieties, Taunik allows you to enjoy all the health benefits of high-quality cannabis while allowing you to choose whether you’d like to enjoy the effects of THC.


Product Line

Whether you’re looking to simply enjoy the health benefits of cannabis or you’re interested in feeling the effect of THC, Taunik’s product line has options to meet your needs.

Taunik’s line of cannabis-infused elixirs includes:

  • Call of Peaks (50mg full spectrum Vermont CBD) and Call of Peaks Plus (10mg THC and 10mg CBD): Inspired by the crisp taste of a mojito, Call of Peaks offers notes of lime and peppermint topped off the flavors of honey, hops, and hemp.
  • Melody Maker (50mg full spectrum Vermont CBD) and Melody Maker Plus (10mg THC and 10mg CBD): Rejuvenate and recharge with this black tea and sumac blend that takes effect in as little as ten minutes.
  • Instant Destiny (50mg full spectrum Vermont CBD)
  • Fine Frequency (50mg full spectrum Vermont CBD) and Fine Frequency Plus (10mg THC and 10mg CBD): This energizing yerba maté tea is brewed with hops, hemp, and lemon, and is sweetened to perfection with Vermont honey.

Taunik FAQs

Do Taunik drinks make you high?

Taunik offers you two options when it comes to enjoying cannabis—you can choose from a CBD option that will provide you with the positive health effects of cannabis without a high, or a CBD and THC hybrid option that will provide a relaxing high in addition to the health benefits of the CBD-only option.

What effects can I expect from Taunik Plus varieties?

Taunik seltzers off mind-body highs that will leave you feeling relaxed without putting you to sleep. If you’re not used to drinkable THC, take it slow—enjoy half of a seltzer (or less) before stepping it up to a full can.

Taunik Review

Customers say that they love the flavor of Taunik and make a point to keep it on hand for guests. The refreshing taste of the CBD seltzer offers a relaxing alternative to beer, making it a solid choice to have on hand for both personal use and for entertaining.

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