Celebrate 4/20 in Brattleboro, VT

Making a list of 4/20 dispensary deals to get in VT? From special savings on flower and vapes to scandalous pricing on edibles and pre-rolls, we will have all the best Vermont 420 deals at Cannabis Maximus in Brattleboro.

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What Is 420?

April 20th or “420” is a term widely recognized in cannabis culture, with its origins subject to different interpretations. Some believe it originated from a group of individuals meeting at 4:20 p.m. to smoke. Others associate it with various cultural references, like a song by Bob Dylan or traditions set forth by Grateful Dead fans. Nonetheless, 4/20 has evolved into a global day of celebration for cannabis enthusiasts.

Watch for 4/20 Deals in Brattleboro

A few Brattleboro 420 deals you may see on our menu include:

Full List of Deals Below

Friday 4/19 and Saturday 4/20 Sales:
1) Vapes: all Demeter’s Vapes 2 for $60
2) 2 Pack Pre-Roll: Demeter’s 2 pack of 0.5g pre rolls for $8
3) Cherry Ghost 1/8s for $30

WHUT (Way High Up There) Flower:
1) Cookie Lookie: 3.5g 1/8’s in jars for $25

Nano Shooters: 5mg, Peach Ballini Flavor Only:
1) $5/each
2) Or 6 pack for $25

Cannabis Collective:
1) 50mg Hash Rosin Gummies, 2mg, 20ct for $15
2) 75mg Distillate Gummies, 3mg, 25ct for $15

1) 100mg Peppermint Chocolate Bars for $25
Highly Rooted:
1) 100mg Sour Breakaways for $25

Exclusive Saturday 4/20 Sales Only:

*In addition to our 4/19 and 4/20 combined sales, this is a list of sales exclusive to Saturday 4/20

1) Pre-Rolls, 0.5g for $5
2) Select Premium Flower 1/8’s for $25

Subterra Cannabis: 11am – 3pm only
1) 20% Subterra Flower from 11-3p

WHUT (Way High Up There) Flower:
1) Rotten Apple: 4g Bags for $25

Join Us for Fun 4/20 Events!

While we can’t share all the details just yet, we’ve got some fun things in the works to share with fellow cannabis enthusiasts the week of 4/20. Plus, we’ll have food trucks on site serving up some mouth-watering food as you make your way to the dispensary and anticipate the munchies. See details below!

11am – 3pm

  • Food Truck: “Hangry Traveler”
  • Subterra Cannabis: Meet and greet Nate from Subterra
  • Jack’s Glass: Meet Jack Tessitore, local artist and glass blower


  • First 20 customers get a 15oz Cannmaxx 420 Mug
  • Raffle to giveaway 4 branded rolling boards with a branded
    grinder and jar. (2 for Friday and 2 for Saturday)
  • Raffle to giveaway 10 custom made “spoons” from Jack’s Glass,
    specifically made for Cannabis Maximus.

Shop the Best 4/20 Deals at Cannabis Maximus

Whether you’re shopping for 4/20 sales or simply out and about looking for some fun on April 20th, we hope to see you at Cannabis Maximus in Brattleboro. Our menu is fully stocked with the best cannabis in VT, and we’ll be adding new deals as 4/20 gets closer. Don’t forget! We also always have awesome deals every day of the week and Happy Hour from 3 to 6 pm every day. First-time customers also get 10% off their order.

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